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F.H.U. WUD - MAL came into being in answer on the growing from the year on the year interest of market and consumers products to grilling and home fireplaces. Spreading in the Poland more and more fashion on grilling creates among us certain model summer spending free time. Spaced out on womb natures grills are centre meetings and sociable feaster in home gardens. Skipped very often is using such type products like - smooth and solid kindling’s, there are more and more popular in using to home’s fireplaces - they make possible comfortable lighting these decorations.

Candles against mosquitoes also deserve on the attention, single grills - the perfect on the departures, also fuel in the gel which will support temperature of every dish on the table.


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Co-operate with many countries in the world both within of the purchase materials, how and the sale of our products.

Our offer

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We offer the wide scale of products to the grills and fireplaces, which we broaden continually.


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We value solidity and professionalism both among contracting parties, how and our workers personnel.