Ecological frail coal
Added: 2013-11-16

High quality ecological carbon about caloricity above 25000 MJ /kg and low content of the ash -4% per kilogram.

- The attractive price !!!
- Transportation free !!!

Accessible in packaging: 25kg

Logistic date:
One palette - 20 bags x 25 kg = 500 kg, dimensions of palette 120cm x 80 cm (one time use palette) wrapped around in foil stretch. Ecological frail carbon is packing in foil bags with micro ventilations.

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Tel.: 788 030 885

Packing Service
Added: 2013-11-15

Our firm buying very effective machine type FLOW PACK expanding our scale of services, just we began production solid kindling to grill.

Purchase of machine created new possibility executing service of packing in foil various materials. We ask about contact in the case interest executing this type of service. Contact to our firm You find on our website

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Packing of charcoal
Added: 2013-11-14

Packing of charcoal in our productive plant.

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Plastic containers production startup.
Added: 2013-10-05

We are pleased to announce that from October this year We started the next chapter of our business- production of cans with a capacity of 5 liters made ??of HDPE
Please contact us for more information.
Galeria: [zdj?cie 1],

postheadericon About firm

F.H.U. WUD - MAL came into being in answer on the growing from the year on the year interest of market and consumers products to grilling and home fireplaces. Spreading in the Poland more and more fashion on grilling creates among us certain model summer spending free time. Spaced out on womb natures grills are centre meetings and sociable feaster in home gardens. Skipped very often is using such type products like - smooth and solid kindling’s, there are more and more popular in using to home’s fireplaces - they make possible comfortable lighting these decorations.

Candles against mosquitoes also deserve on the attention, single grills - the perfect on the departures, also fuel in the gel which will support temperature of every dish on the table.


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The noblest accessible fuel to grill. Produced from hard deciduous trees will assure splendid aroma of grilling dishes. Produced agree with European norms, will satisfy the expectation of the most exacting consumers.

Accessible in packaging's: 0.6kg, 2.5kg i 3kg.

Briquette of charcoal

Briquette of charcoal

For the lovers of long grilling, produced from wood deciduous trees of the highest quality with use high temperatures.

Accessible in packaging: 2.5kg.

Alcoholic kindling

Alcoholic kindling

Comfortable in use the kindling to grill, fireplaces, fires and stoves. Neutral, he does not influence taste and the scent of dishes. Quick in the working and economic. Special reducer protects before ignition of product in the bottle and makes possible easy and comfortable application. Safe nut will make impossible coming unscrewed packaging to small handles. Connection simplicity and functionality.
Accessible in packaging: 0.5l i 1l.

Paraffin kindling

Paraffin kindling

Universal product to lighting grills, fireplaces, fires and stoves. Effective and very easy in the using.

Accessible in packaging: 0.5l i 1l.